Why you should go to NATC Reason #8: The People

Go to NATC for the people. Taiko people. Then stay for the community. NATC is the taiko community's biennial opportunity to gather and see old friends, make new friends, share taiko tales and connect with taiko folks from all over North America and beyond.

Here's where to find your community at NATC 2019:

Taiko Ten and Opening Reception. Watch taiko. Grab a couple of snacks. Imagine hundreds of taiko players in one place. You'll see familiar faces. Greet folks you know. Say "hi" to those you don't.

On-campus Housing. One of the best shared secrets at NATC 2019 is on-campus housing. The two high-rise dorms available provide the best opportunity to mix and mingle. Room packages are reasonable. Not only beds and linens, but also breakfasts and dinners are included!

Intensives. Want to get to know taiko players in a more intimate setting? Sign up for one of this year's Mini-Intensives or for the TCA Summer Intensive.

Mini-Intensive. A Mini-Intensive is a chance to work with a single instructor and the same group of players for all 4 of your NATC Sessions. Take a Mini-Intensive and you can come away with strong new taiko skills and a new group of taiko friends.

TCA Summer Intensive. This year TCA will host a Summer Intensive from Tuesday, August 6 to Thursday, August 8. Make connections with taiko players that share your passion for this year's Intensive. More information available March 3. Watch this space!

Taiko Jam Reception. When NATC started in 1997 in Los Angeles' Little Tokyo, the post-Taiko Jam energy spilled out into the JACCC Plaza, Spontaneous drumming broke out and a tradition was born.

Experience all this! Only if you come to NATC 2019 in Portland. See you there!

Pro-tip 1:

Find a roommate and book early. Rooms will sell out.

Pro-tip 2:

For those attending the Saturday night Taiko Jam concert, dining hall dinner will be the most relaxing place to catch dinner in-between the final workshop and the concert.

Pro-tip 3:

Even if you plan to go to the Sunday Taiko Jam concert, don't miss the Taiko Jam Reception after the Saturday's Taiko Jam. Best place to see, feel, and contribute to the energy that is our taiko community!