Why you should go to NATC Reason #4: Taiko Ten

Go to NATC for The People and stay for the party! For the first time in NATC history the Welcome Reception and Taiko Ten will be a single event and signal the start of NATC 2019 on Friday night. The Welcome Reception combines food and friends. Taiko Ten presents 10 taiko groups playing for 10 minutes each on a single stage. What will happen when these two events converge? For newbies and veterans alike it will be epic.

For Returning Participants. Recall your favorite moment from Taiko Ten. Was it when your group played? Or when you first saw those amazing kids or stunning movements in San Diego. Or Las Vegas. In Los Angeles. Or Seattle? Imagine renewing the excitement of discovery in Portland.

For First-Time Participants. Imagine the NATC community together in one place at one time, engulfed in the beat of the taiko. Your introduction to the conference will be extra-ordinary.

For Everyone. Also for the first time in NATC history, the group photo will be taken at the start of the conference, not at the end. No worries about missing the photo to make your plane. So after the Opening Session, when the conference photographer takes their final shot, stay put while Smith Ballroom transforms from photo studio to the continent's biggest taiko party.

10 groups will bring it on for Taiko Ten 2019. Come to hang out. Come to support familiar and fresh taiko groups. See what's happening across our diverse community. Mingle with peers, and get primed and pumped for the taiko to come. Let your body reverberate with the beat of the taiko that will bond us all over this extraordinary weekend.

Does your group want to play at Taiko Ten?

Taiko Ten Applications: Available later in March