Why you should go to NATC Reason #2: Mini-Intensives

After a highly successful launch in 2017, NATC Mini-Intensives are back! If you missed NATC 2017, below are some FAQs about Mini-Intensives. If you're already familiar with the innovative Mini-Intensive concept, then you'll understand that the Mini-Intensives this year really represent three reasons to attend NATC 2019.

  1. If you've ever wanted to learn or teach Omiyage, then you want to jump at the opportunity to study with it's composer, Shoji Kameda.
  2. If it's traditional Japanese drumming that you crave, then you can't miss the chance to explore Ondeko - from Sado Island - with Tiffany Tamaribuchi.
  3. If you've been under the spell of San Jose Taiko, then you want to experience the magic and work with Franco Imperial as he walks through key components of his creative process.

Many reasons to attend NATC! And one delightful dilemma: What to choose?

Mini-Intensive FAQs

In our fast-paced jam-packed NATC weekend, a Mini-Intensive is an isle of calm and focus - an oasis of learning. A Mini-Intensive is the chance for a single group of taiko players to dedicate 4 sessions, spread over 2 days, to a shared taiko interest with expert guidance from leading instructors.

The obvious difference between a Mini-Intensive and regular workshops at NATC is that a regular workshop is only 2 hours long and you may take 4 of them. The less publicized difference is that, whereas Workshop Selection will not open until April 1, if there is space available, you may sign-up for a Mini-Intensive when you register for the conference. Unlike regular workshops, placement in a Mini-Intensive is on a first-come, first-served basis. Each Mini-Intensive can only accommodate 24 students. So now is the time to consider if a Mini-Intensive is right for you.

Unfortunately, no. Opting to participate in a Mini-Intensive means that all 4 of your workshop sessions will be occupied. There are not enough hours in a day or days in NATC 2019 to accommodate participation in both types of workshops.

You should take a Mini-Intensive for you. While you're thinking about it, here's some reasons to consider.

  • Tiffany, Shoji, and Franco are fabulous instructors. They are engaging, caring, and knowledgeable. Their taiko super-powers are magnified during a Mini-Intensive.
  • Make a taiko friend. Build a community. Here's what former TCA Board Member Susan Yuen had to say about her Mini-Intensive experience with Suzuki-sensei at NATC 2017: "The Mini-Intensive format gave me a chance to interact with other Edo Bayashi enthusiasts, which not only increased my love and understanding of this specific genre of taiko, but also gave me a community of practitioners to engage with beyond the conference.

No. This year they have all been designed to accommodate All Levels of players.

When you register for the conference, you will be asked if you want to take a Mini-Intensive. Click YES, and you will be provided with the opportunity to choose from the available Mini-Intensives.


Sign up for Mini-Intensives is on a first-come, first-served basis. You can register for a Mini-Intensive at the same time that you complete your Conference Registration.