Why you should go to NATC Reason #1: The Community

TCA. Taiko Community Alliance. Community is our middle name - the Community that was born at NATC.

Before NATC, the taiko community was very loosely organized, relying primarily on informal relationships. The Japanese American Cultural and Community Center (JACCC), a nonprofit ethnic arts and cultural center based in Los Angeles, saw the need for a gathering to help support taiko practitioners and the art of taiko. Duane Ebata led the charge - and the team - that launched NATC in 1997. The Los Angeles taiko community miraculously followed with a 2nd NATC two years later in 1999. And the rest is history.

The #1 reason to attend NATC was then, and still is, our Community! We end our 10-day countdown to NATC registration with a taiko treasure. Videographer Walt Louie of Flash Cuts captured us at NATC 20 years ago. Walt's skillful editing perfectly captures what it feels like to be at NATC. Watch it. Reminisce. Or experience it for the first time. Then register to join us in Portland for NATC 2019 as our Community gathers again to share the power and joy of the taiko. We sincerely hope to see you there!