Discussions will be held during each Session for participants to engage and network with other taiko players. Each Discussion described here will be held twice during the conference, so there will be ample opportunity for Participants and Observers to engage with community leaders over topics of mutual interest.

Power, Presence, and Purpose: Celebrating Women in Taiko

Facilitator: Wisa Uemura
This session will celebrate the history of female involvement within the taiko community and discuss the direction of growth, recognition, and empowerment of female taiko players into the future. Moderated panel discussion will transition to small group breakouts and general Q & A. Open to all.


Hosted during Sessions 1 and 4.

Okagesama de “We are who we are because of you”:  How We Got here, Where We’re Going

Facilitator: Alan Okada
Come celebrate 50 years of taiko innovation rooted in centuries of evolving culture with a moderated presentation, panel discussion and community dialogue with some of the taiko community’s OGs.


Hosted during Sessions 1 and 5.

Taiko Builders Round Table

Facilitator: Stuart Paton
Join some of the premier North American taiko builders as they reveal some of their collective wisdom, decades in the making!  Whether you’d like to be a fly on the wall to pick up tips for specific steps or have a few tricks of your own to share, this dialogue on building North American taiko is a rare opportunity for anyone who makes drums (and stands) for their group.  A moderated discussion will ensue but anyone with some expertise can lend their insight.


Hosted during Sessions 2 and 5.

What Does Taiko Community Mean to You?

Facilitator: Karen Young
For many of us, the invitation to be part of the taiko community started when we were handed a pair of bachi. But what exactly is the taiko community? How are we part of it and how do we take care of it? Come discuss how community is formed within groups, between groups, and off the stage in the communities where we live. This interactive discussion is suitable for all levels of taiko players and will also feature the new community building resource www.taikoandcommunity.org, launched with funding from a Mini-Grant by TCA. Whether you’re a solo or ensemble player, or consider yourself a leader or newbie in the taiko community, you’ll come away from this discussion with new friends, a greater sense of connectedness, and tools and knowledge that will help you achieve your taiko goals.


Hosted during Sessions 3 and 4.

Administration and Fundraising

Facilitator: Susan Kanagawa Yuen
This will be an interactive discussion session targeted for participants who serve as administrative leaders in their taiko groups. It will feature a short discussion about the various administrative structures (501(c)3, LLC, fiscally sponsored, etc), tips and tricks for fundraising, and a tool to help groups think strategically about both fundraising and earned income strategies.


Hosted during Sessions 2 and 3.