NATC 2019 Policies Transparency Report – FINAL

Non-Solicitation Policy

An individual speaking at a public event under TCA auspices promoted a non-TCA project. TCA’s executive committee reviewed this action and determined that it violated TCA’s non-solicitation policy, which prohibits “Unauthorized promotion of non-TCA events” without express written permission. The individual was advised of the violation and formally warned that further violating the policy would result in expulsion from the conference. 

Code of Conduct

As outlined in the Interim Transparency Report of October 2, after NATC was over TCA received two reports that an individual had used derogatory language and behavior towards other NATC participants. After investigation by TCA’s Code of Conduct Committee using the procedure established by the Code, the committee determined that this behavior violated the Code of Conduct. The individual was advised of the violation and formally warned that such behavior would not be tolerated at NATC or other events held under TCA auspices in future.

TCA remains committed to the value of our Code of Conduct and Non-Solicitation Policy in fostering a better conference experience and environment for everyone. We thank all NATC participants for their support of this important initiative, and we look forward to continuing to host world-class taiko gatherings that embody TCA’s core values of Respect, Heritage and Evolution, Empowerment, Inclusivity, and Transparency in creating a welcoming and safe space for all NATC participants.